Hi there I am Louis Delos Angeles.

Have you been in a situation that you are so frustrated that you lost all your self confidence and that you started to shy away from the world?

source: http://journalbuddies.com

Have you ever been so angry that you nearly hit someone or hurt someone verbally?

source: http://blog.chron.com

Was there a time in your life that you just remembered and wanted to  re-live that moment?

source: http://www.theconfidentmom.com

And in all those moments you clammed up and just buried those emotions inside of you?

source: http://www.thebuishome.net

Why not write those emotions and set yourself free.

That is what I did. 

Years ago I felt such emotions and the world do not seem to care. I need an outlet for those emotions or else it will consume me. So I resorted to free writing that is just typing whatever comes out of your mind. As I do this I find relief and every time I go back to my writings it reminds me of how I was before and how far have I become better.

To share that beautiful way of getting rid of burden I compiled the best free writings I did which I have posted in my blogs. 

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and find your words in expressing your own emotions.

Express yourself and let go of those emotions. 

Be relieved.

- Louis Delos Angeles

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